ApiEda shpk is a reliable company with a high professional integrity. We provide safe services to our clients by being a state-of-the-art company. We adapt to innovation and technology, put effort into improving the service quality and we keep regular contact with our clients. Services provided by ApiEda shpk are as follows:

Conference & Simultaneous Translations


ApiEda shpk is the distributor for Albania of the simultaneous interpretation equipment from the Danish company DIS as well as for the audio equipment from the French company TAG. Equipment provided by us is safe, high quality, modern and easy to use by the client. Apart from the equipment, we also provide qualified and experienced interpreters who have been employed by important institutions in Albania and abroad.

Lighting Services


ApiEda shpk offers high-quality lighting service. We are a leading company in Albania in terms of providing this service. The technology we use is affordable and safe. Our company uses equipment which emit natural light; we have the proper technology to organize shows, electoral meetings, concerts and any sort of events where lighting is needed. ApiEda shpk professionals actualize everything in detail so that your event comes out best.

Video Projectors


ApiEda shpk offers quality video projectors for your events. We respond promptly, in record time, with our professionalism and technology. Our video projectors are among the best used by our partners throughout the world.

Audio Services


ApiEda Shpk offers audio services for various events. We are careful to make everything go smoothly from the start until the end of the event. Our company has many years of experience in this sector and modern, state-of-the-art equipment. This makes us safe and accurate in what we do by ensuring a perfect progressing of your event. Services provided by ApiEda shpk are:

•    meetings and conferences,

•    electoral campaigns,

•    concerts,

•    shows,

•    meetings,

•    parties,

•    various celebrations,

•    weddings, etc.