About Us

ApiEda shpk was founded in 1992 as “Api” shpk with its main activity being elevator installation and maintenance. Then, in 2004, following decision no. 2, dated 13/01/2004 of the District Court of Tirana, “Api” shpk changed the company name into “ApiEda” shpk. Our activities were extended to include the following operation areas: •    elevator maintenance and repair, •    audio services, •    lighting services, •    video projectors & video conference, •    simultaneous interpretation, •    conference services. We offer quality and long-lasting services. ApiEda shpk provides service throughout the entire territory of the Republic of Albania. The company’s many staff members are specialized for the services provided by ApiEda shpk. They love team work, they are unique, young and skilled to serve our clients whenever they need our services. ApiEda shpk is a reliable company with high professional integrity. We provide safe services to our clients. This is a state-of-the-art company which adapts to innovation and technology, puts efforts into improving the service quality and keeps regular contact with the clients. Our company does not waste time; it is quick, efficient and does what it promises to do. ApiEda shpk grows every day, because its clients are satisfied with the provided services. All of the above make us invest into human resources and infrastructure in order to fulfill our long-term objectives. We guarantee longevity to our company and society.